Saucier’s Welding and Fabricating in New Bedford, MA – An Interview with Owner Chris Saucier

Saucier welding and fabricating
Saucier welding and fabricating

1) Are you from this local area?
Yes, I grew up in Acushnet, Massachusetts and have been in the New Bedford area all my life.

2) Why did you choose this line of business?
I own a marine welding business. I choose this line of work because I was taught the welding trade in vocational high school, and I enjoyed the welding trade very much.

3) When did it start? What Year?
The welding business started 18 years ago in the year 2002.

4) What was it that made you want to start this business?
In 2002 I had a family member who could not find work. I was in the welding trade when I was age 18 to 22 years old but then went to work at Titleist in the area, making golf balls, for a little more stable career. In efforts to show my family member that there was plenty of work available I called an ad I saw in the local newspaper for a welding job. I was awarded the job and started working for a gentleman that owned a marine welding business. He did not pay me as a regular employee but as a sub-contractor, basically meaning I was self-employed. This led me to expand my operation and create Saucier Welding and Fabricating, not by design, but by circumstance.

5) What was the toughest thing you went through when opening?
The toughest thing I went through when opening was finding qualified workers. As I was a welder as a young man, I assumed everyone had the skill level, not understanding that I was a little more qualified than the next guy. I went through many employees and never really found any decent employees at the beginning, which forced me to work long hours to get the projects done that I was hired to do.

6) What inspired you to keep going as you were getting the business off the ground?
I was inspired to keep going because I saw that the progress I was making and the financial gains were well worth the time and energy I was putting into it.

7) If you had to start over from day 1 what would you have done differently? Or what was your most difficult challenge?
If I had to start over from day one, I would have put together a better business plan. I would have bought the proper insurance and withdrew proper taxes and social security from employees. One of the most difficult challenges was once the business was going was to modify employee’s pay to reflect the proper deductions I ultimately needed to take from employees checks, like worker’s comp, unemployment, and social security taxes.

8) What is the toughest part about having a business in 2020?
The toughest part of having a business in 2020 has not changed, for me, from the toughest part of having a business in 2002. Staffing… it is very difficult.

9) If a customer was to choose between your business and 3 others just like it why would you suggest they at least give you a try first?  What makes you stand out?
If a customer were to choose between my business and a competitor’s business, I would suggest that they try mine first because I am an owner/operator and I have experience on where to spend money and where to not spend money. I believe that is what makes my company stand out more than the next… as I can do the same job for less. In today’s competitive market, constant budget trimming, and competitive pricing is paramount in a successful business.

10) What is the number 1 way you currently bring in new customers?
The way I bring in new customers has not changed from what I have done in the past. Hard work and word of mouth has been the staple of my business for the past 18 years and has worked for me.

11) Has internet technology (website, online ads, social media, etc) played a big part in your growth and making your company more successful?
The internet has not played a part in my business as I am a smaller business and I am on the industrial waterfront of New Bedford, where word of mouth travels quicker than the power of the internet for the welding business.

12) Do you feel that internet technology could play a bigger role in your business if you had the right tools?
I feel like the internet could play a bigger role in my business if I had a solid website along with the proper marketing plan if I wanted to expand my business to other areas of Massachusetts.

13) If you had to look 6 months to a year into the future where would you like to see your business be?
I would like to increase gross receipts by 2% and lower operating costs by 2% in the next 6 months.
Saucier Welding and Fabricating is located at: Antonio Costa Ave, New Bedford, MA

 Contact them via telephone: 609-276-5762