Strong Force – An Interview with Charles Cella, Managing Director

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Future innovators and technological developers need a strong force to navigate the sea of national and international markets. People all over the world are capable of unimaginably wonderful things when provided the proper resources, guidance and patents. However, securing the connections necessary to gain investment and development can be difficult.

As well as the opposing position of finding a product, service, or development that is worth investing in. Once a product receives investment and a design is put forth, carefully constructed patents can surround and control the invention and design. Strong Force, first of its kind, was born from recognition of the opportunity to increase the impact of innovation and reward both investors and inventors by designing intellectual property portfolios that control valuable future categories of innovation. Interviewing with CEO and company founder, Charles Cella, I was able to delve deeper into what drives Strong Force.

The company Strong Force was established in 2015. One of the Managing Directors, Charles Cella of Pembroke, MA, envisioned a company that would organize a unique set of creative and business competencies, while aligning with his passions and experience. Originally from Kentucky, Charles earned his first degree in physics at Princeton University, studied quantitative economics at Edinburgh University in Scotland, and received a law degree from the University of Virginia. After an early career in technology legal work, he combined technology and business expertise in a number of successful innovation projects across different industries. Combining his background and expertise with a desire to advance innovation, Charles Cella spearheaded the formation of Strong Force with his fellow Managing Directors.

Technology is without a doubt a key factor of innovation in this modern era. “There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.” -Victor Hugo. Strong Force intends to be there when an idea’s time has come, to catalyze innovation around the idea in the market, and to provide a degree of control over the idea for its creators with a well-designed patent portfolio.
What exactly is the purpose of a patent though? A patent is an official government-issued right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.

According to Strong Force, designing patents for leadership is a four-step process. Covering an invention with patents enables a sustained control of market category leadership. It unlocks creativity to capture key drivers of IP advantage, preserve optionality, guides prioritization, and optimizes resource allocation. Ultimately, it supports successful licensing programs and commands high values. This methodology constructed by Strong Force can be better visualized below.

I inquired about Strong Force’s involvement with technology and Mr. Cella’s response: “It’s the water we swim in. Technology is the primary driver of business growth today.” His company is the embodiment of a recognition that there is a need for a business to increase the impact of innovation as well as providing rewards to investors. Strong Force is modeled to allow people to remain in control of their job and to assist in gathering various forms of innovation and investments across multiple platforms. Then finalizing the process with a series of protective patents in order to maximize connectivity, profits, and growth. Just as the water we swim in is fluid, so is the usage of a product in most cases. As a product is used and handled, a previously unidentified use may be identified as an unintended benefit. Strong Force’s response to unintended benefits: As a category matures and prevailing use cases emerge, we can use a strategically positioned portfolio to drive participation, cooperation, and shared investment across the ecosystem while allowing owners to maintain the desired degree of control.

Strong Force, a leader of innovation, a driver of technological development, and a guardian of intellectual property. This company seeks to increase revenue for all parties by providing the proper protection and accelerating categorical development by inspiring ecosystem participation, cooperation, and investment. The Strong Force process is shaped by diverse competencies, creativity, and senior relationships. Diverse competencies enable Strong Force to understand and anticipate the evolution of an ecosystem, its participants. When navigating the various unruly seas of the open market, when a strong force fills your sails, your ship will travel far. The Strong Force methodology has created billions of dollars in value for clients across a wide array of sectors and helped hundreds of visionary inventors, market leaders, and capital allocators succeed.
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