Special Occasion Treats at Bri’s Berries

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - brisberries white berries

Author: Adrian Frias, BSU student

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - brisberries white berries

Bri’s Berries is owned and run by Brianna Fontes of Brockton, MA. I was able to interview Brianna and get to know more about her special skill in tasty treats. She specializes in dipped treats, including but not limited to strawberries, pretzels, cookies, and any other fruits or snacks you can think of. She also makes breakable chocolate hearts that make an incredible gift.
While the COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by storm Brianna was able to use it to her advantage, working on her craft to become the best around in assorted dipped treats and snacks.

When asked what the hardest part of having the business in 2020 was she said “I actually do not have an answer to this question, 2020 opened the door for me and my business.” She believes that although 2020 opened the doors for her, the toughest part of the business overall was taking the initiative in creating the business. “Self-doubt was my biggest struggle prior to opening Bri’s Berries. I did not know if I would get enough business to keep going. Assorted and dipped treats are a competitive business to get into because of other entrepreneurs trying to get into the field as well. However, getting over the fear was the best thing that has happened to me.”

I asked Brianna what she envisions for her business in the near future and she replied by saying “in 6 to 12 months I see myself opening a small shop for Bri’s Berries. At the moment most of my orders are either picked up by the customer or delivered by me to the customer. Opening a shop will allow me to open the doors to new customers every day.” 

Since Bri’s Berries is a small business I asked what kind of role technology and the internet play in the business. Her response was “it is a HUGE part of my business. I do my branding, customer acquisition, promotion and much more using technology. Due to the internet, I am able to share my business with a multitude of different people. The internet allows my work to be seen all over.” My first time trying Bri’s Berries I was blown away. I was able to try them while on campus before the pandemic hit. Her presentation and natural ingredients made it one of the tastiest treats I have ever tried.

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - brisberries pink berries

Brianna uses her Instagram to post pictures of her work, to share her work with potential clients, and for publicity. When asked how she gets the word out about her business she says word of mouth plays a key role but social media is her biggest asset. She promotes her work using social media and also pays a small fee to turn her page into an ad in order to appear on the pages of potential clients in the South Shore. Brianna is extremely motivated to make Bri’s Berries as big as edible arrangements. “What drives me to make my business successful is being able to become my own boss. I love seeing my customers happy as well because it keeps me going to make the best treats possible.”

Do not hesitate to send Brianna Fontes a message to place an order for your choice of assorted fruits and snacks. 

Bri’s Berries is based in Brockton, MA.
Contact them via:
Email: BriannaFontes@yahoo.com
Instagram: @BriisBerries