Storage Spaces of All Sizes at Middleboro Mini Storage


Author: Sydney Holbrook, BSU student

I had the pleasure of speaking with Chantal Silva from Middleboro Mini Storage. They are located at 5 and 15 Spruce St in Middleboro, Massachusetts. Chantal grew up in Middleboro until she eventually moved to Wareham—which is still local. Middleboro Mini Storage was created in 1994 and they have had customers going all the way back to then. They rent storage space in various sizes, some examples of this would be 5’x5’ all the way up to 10’x30’. They also offer parking for RV’s, boats, cars, trucks, and tractor trailers. In addition to all of this, they offer service garage and warehouse units with 14’x14’ doors.

They originally started this business because they had the extra land and there was a need for local storage facilities back then. One of the most challenging obstacles they faced while opening was the zoning and obtaining the licenses from the town. If they were to start over from day one, they would have purchased more buildings at the beginning. When they first opened, they had four buildings but within the past few years they added two additional buildings. When they were adding the new buildings—they had to go through all the zoning and licensing with the town again. 

Even with all the challenges they were faced with this year, they haven’t had any major problems. The main way they are obtaining new customers would be advertising locally and word of mouth. They have many ads on placemats at local restaurants. Also, they rely heavily on maintaining their high standards of quality, value, and service to obtain personal referrals from current and previous customers. Technology has not played a big part in their success and growth of their business. Word of mouth has had the biggest impact. Although they do believe if they had all the right tools, it could help. But all of the right tools do cost a lot of money, so not all business may actually benefit from them. This business model is different than a lot of business because when they are at capacity, they cannot obtain any additional customers until their current customers no longer need the unit. When asked where Chantal wished the business would be in six months to a year in the future, she stated they would want to be in the same place that they are currently at today with all units rented and at capacity.
If you are in the market for a storage unit, Middleboro Mini Storage has the lowest prices in this area. They make their units affordable and convenient for their customers. They are also a family owned business and take pride in this area and community. Middleboro Mini Storage is in a great location, only about one mile off of Interstate 495. 

Middleboro Mini Storage is located at:
5 & 15 Spruce Street in Middleboro MA.

If you would like any additional information and pricing, you can contact them via:
Phone: 508-946-1900