Think You May Have a Mold Problem, Call Mold Spotters

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Author: Kayla Hodge, BSU student

Mold Spotters owner, Dave Jensen, is one of the most reliable and knowledgeable people in the mold inspection business. Mold Spotters is an independent, unbiased mold inspection and testing company that will help determine if your home or business had an indoor mold problem. Dave goes to the customer’s households and gives them a full inspection to identify if there’s any mold, the severity, and where the customer should go from there. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave about his business and was amazed by his dedication to his company.

Dave used to only do mold inspection as a side job. However, he grew to have more interest, and liked the work more, in the mold inspection industry than the profession he was in at the time. Dave decided to start his own mold inspection business in 2015 as he was extremely knowledgeable in the field and wanted to focus on something he enjoyed. He said the only real struggles faced when starting his business was trying to find customers and make his business known. He had no contacts to get referrals from and there were no reviews of his business which may make someone skeptical when looking for a company to go to.

The mold inspecting industry is one people typically only go to if they come across mold or a weird odor that they are concerned about so the company’s website has definitely played a big part in the company’s growth. When someone has a mold problem, they usually will go to google and search for a mold inspection company as people who have never had problems with mold would not know of a company to help. Now you know if you have a problem with mold you can call Mold Spotters and they will be happy to help!

Mold Spotters stands out from the other companies in their industry as they are not involved in mold remediation. They will come to your house to give you a full inspection and will tell you if you have a problem and if they recommend remediation or not. If they do, they will give you suggestions for mold remediation companies in your area. This means that Mold Spotters do not gain from telling an individual that they have an issue as they do not do any work that may follow after the inspection. There have been incidents where companies would be dishonest to the customers and tell them they had a mold problem just to make them go the further step and get the remediation as they would be getting paid for it. You can feel confident if you go to Mold Spotters that their recommendations will be accurate, honest, and unbiased.

Dave is working now on achieving his goal of expanding the country nationwide so there will be inspectors in every major city in every state. He would like to have more people start delegating different areas of his business so he can focus on expansion. If you are going to need an inspection I would make sure you call Mold Spotters. You will not be disappointed!

Mold Spotters is based in Braintree, MA. You can contact them via:
Phone: 781-664-9511
Facebook: @moldspotters