You Dream it, May’s Property Service Can Do It!

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - property service worker

Author: Sarah Butler, BSU student

I had the pleasure of speaking with Justin May, who owns a successful tree business in West Bridgewater, MA called May’s Property Services. Justin started his business in 2014 as a high school student looking to provide quality services to the residents within his community. His business offers an array of services such as tree removal and trimming, landscape and property maintenance, snow removal, commercial maintenance, and so much more!
Justin’s drive and genuine love for his work is apparent in every single job he does. One of the most significant reasons why he is so passionate about what he does is because he thrives in nature and doing all he can to preserve trees and wildlife. During the interview his eyes lit up when he expressed how important it was to him that he does all he can to make sure the world is healthy.

A few of the qualities Justin prides himself on are showing up to every job with nice, clean equipment, making sure his crew is in matching gear to remain uniform, and leaving every job cleaner than when they got there. When customers call about their services, he tries to give them an estimate the day of, if possible, and provides the most flexibility to accommodate to his customer’s needs. When it comes to his work, his customers are his number one priority, and he vows to never leave a customer unsatisfied no matter what it takes.

Technology is a huge part of society especially in this day and age. Justin shared that he has a website, Facebook page, and an Instagram, but still strives to amplify his social media presence. He also believes technology is a key component in communication between his crew and himself. He provides his employees with enhanced push-to-talk technology in order to ensure they have fast and efficient communication while they are on the job. Every day he makes it a goal to work towards improving his relationship with technology. Justin thinks there is always room for growth and improvement. He believes that constantly adapting to new and upcoming technology is beneficial for his company and to providing his customers with the best service as possible.

Although 2020 was not the easiest year for not only Justin’s business but many others, the support from his customers is what keeps him moving every day. His biggest fear of not knowing if work was going to come in constantly sat in the back of his mind; he knew that he still had to persist and work twice as hard. Throughout this pandemic he learned he has the passion and drive to make it through anything, along with the support of his customers. Despite the trials and tribulations 2020 has brought, Justin still remains optimistic and hopes to double the growth of his company within the next year with more equipment or maybe even another crew in a different state or on the North Shore. Justin loves being at the jobs every day and enjoys being there to support his crew. The expansion of his company wouldn’t allow him to be at every single job which is disheartening for him because he loves what he does. His main goal is to create a new crew with the same drive and passion for his work that he has so he is comforted knowing all of his customers are left in good hands.

May’s Property Services is located in West Bridgewater, MA.

You can contact them via:
Phone: 508-577-8588
Facebook: @MAYSpropertyservice