Need a New Hairstyle? Check out I Design Hair Co. in Weymouth


​Author: Katherine Norton, BSU student


I had the pleasure of interviewing an old boss, as well as a family friend, Lucinda Banks.  Lucinda owns I Design Hair Co in Weymouth, MA.  Lucinda was born in New Hampshire but has lived in the South Shore since the sixth grade.  My parents have been friends with Lucinda and her husband for as long as I can remember.  She has been cutting my hair and my sister’s hair since we were little.  So, last year when I had the chance to work for her I jumped on it.

Before Lucinda owned the salon, she had been a hair stylist at I Design for thirty years.  She first knew she wanted to be a hairstylist in high school, so when she graduated, she went right to hairdressing school.  After hairdressing school, she ended up at I Design.  Fast forward thirty years, she had the opportunity to buy the salon and the entire building it was in.  She decided she wanted to own the salon in 2014 because she loved working there and had lots of experience hairdressing, but also because it was a good investment with both of her sons going to college. 

I Design is like a family.  All of the employees have worked together forever and have a really strong bond.  Since the stylists were, and are still, so close, this made it a little harder for Lucinda to find the balance of being a boss while not losing the dynamic she and the other stylists already had.  The hardest thing for Lucinda when she bought I Design, was learning the business aspect of what goes into a hair salon.  She had to learn more about taxes, new types of insurance, and financial statements when she finally took over.

As all small businesses are having to deal with the new rules and regulations regarding COVID-19, Lucinda is adjusting to these as well.  The toughest part for Lucinda and the I Design family was having to shut down for about three months.  All of the stylists missed seeing each other, and their clients while also not being able to make any money during that time.  With some rules and regulations being lifted they are finally open again, but it is not the same as it was before.  Lucinda is also adjusting to the fact that the salon cannot be at full capacity which means the stylists can’t see as many clients as they used to. From January of 2019 to June of 2019, I worked at I Design as the receptionist.  Working at I Design was one of the most fun and educational jobs I’ve ever had.  I started working at I Design to help out while the other receptionist was having a baby and was on maternity leave.  Lucinda was one of the best bosses I’ve ever worked for.


She taught me so much about the business side of the salon while still keeping a friendly and fun environment for me to learn in.  This job was where I first learned about balancing the books.  I also learned a lot about customer service and making sure the customers and stylists were comfortable while they spent their time at I Design.  Lucinda and I still keep in touch to this day, and I would recommend anyone to see for yourself how great I Design Hair Company is.  


I Design Hair Company is located at 825 Broad St. in Weymouth, MA.

Contact them via:
​Phone: 781-335-1020
Facebook: I Design Hair Company
Instagram: @idesignhairco